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Pea and Mint Fritters (2 portions)

Ingredients: 1x cup frozen peas 1x small white potato, pealed 2x medium baby marrows, grated (approximately 2 cups) 1x tbsp. dried mint ½ tsp. salt 1x beaten egg Side salad: 1x large tomato, diced 1x Mediterranean cucumber, diced Side dip: 2x tbsp. double cream Greek yoghurt 1x tsp. tahini Calories: 340 (per portion, includes sides) …

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Butterbean and Celery Salad (1 portion)

Ingredients: 1x medium carrot, grated 1x cup celery, chopped 1x tomato, diced 2x spring onions, chopped 1x tinned butterbeans, drained 2x tbsp. fat free plain yoghurt – to use as a salad dressing Calories: 389

Yoghurt and Granadilla Snack

1x pot Bulgarian yoghurt or Greek style yoghurt (175g) 2x granadilla’s   Calories: 144 Vegan option: 35 calories