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Pea, Spinach and White Onion Soup (8 portions)

Ingredients: 500g split peas 250g fresh baby spinach leaves 2x cups finely chopped white onions 2x cups chopped celery 2x tsp. freshly minced garlic 1x tbsp. salt 1x tsp. white pepper 2x tbsp. knob of butter 1.5l boiling water 4x tbsp. sour cream lite Optional extras: Woolworths crispy onion flakes, fresh chuck of bread Calories: …

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Sour Creamed Chicken (2 portions)

Ingredients: 300g chicken stir-fry strips 2x tsp. sunflower oil 2x garlic clove, minced 1x tbsp. dehydrated onion flakes 1x packet white button mushrooms, sliced (250g) 4x medium courgettes, grated 2x cups broccoli 1x tub sour cream (250g) Salt and pepper to taste Calories: 542 per portion Method: Heat a frying pan over a medium temperature, …

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Tuna and Egg Salad

Ingredients: (2 portions) 3x eggs, boiled 1x tinned tuna (175g) 3x cups mixed salad leaves, shredded 2x tbsp. chopped spring onion Dressing: 3x tbsp. sour cream 2x tsp. lemon, freshly squeezed 1x garlic clove, minced Calories: 225 per portion (includes dressing) Method: Plate your shredded lettuce, and then add your tuna and chopped spring onions. …

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