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Classic Tuna Salad (1 portion)

Ingredients: 2x cups mixed salad leaves 1x small carrot, grated ½ cup diced cucumber ½ cup cherry tomatoes 1x small tin tuna in spring water (95g) 2x tbsp. salad dressing (I’ve used sundried tomato vinaigrette) Calories: 220 calories

Carrot Ribbon Salad (3-4 side portions)

2x pinch of salt 4x large carrots 1x small packet green beans (approximately 100g) 2x small handful walnuts (approximately 30g) 1x cup cherry tomatoes 1x tbsp. honey 1x tsp. butter Optional extra: sesame seeds Calories: 515 in total (171 calories per portion of 3) Method: In a pot, bring some water and a pinch of …

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