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Pumpkin and Five Spice Soup (4 portions)

Ingredients: 500g pumpkin, diced 2x medium onions, roughly chopped 2x medium potatoes, roughly diced 1x Knorr garlic and herb stock cube 1x tsp. Chinese Five Spice 200ml coconut milk 500ml hot water Calories: 560 (for all) Method: Toss your ingredients (all besides the coconut milk) into a soup pot. Bring to the boil for 5mins, …

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Pumpkin Fritters with Sprouting Salad

Ingredients: (makes 4 muffins) 2x cups pumpkin, mashed 2x tsp. baking powder 1x egg, beaten ½ cup flour Pinch of: salt, cinnamon, paprika, jeera seeds (cumin) Calories: 80 calories per fritter Side ingredients: 1x cups Alfalfa sprouts 1x medium tomato, diced ¼ yellow pepper, diced Balsamic vinegar Calories: 51 calories Method: Pre-head your oven to …

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