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Hummus and Pita Snack (1 portions)

Ingredients: 1x brown pita bread, toasted (I’ve used Anat brand) 1x salad tomato, sliced 1x cup raw baby spinach leaves 2x tbsp. homemade hummus (see dips and sauces section for recipe) Calories: 294 per portion

Tuna and Coleslaw Stuffed Brown Pita (1 portion)

Ingredients: 85g tuna in spring water (half a tin) ¼ mini green cabbage, shredded ¼ mini red cabbage, shredded ½ small carrot, grated 1x small handful baby spinach leaves, shredded 1x tbsp. lite mayo (I’ve used Crosse and Blackwell) 1x brown pita bread (I’ve used Anat) Calories: 418 per portion