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Cranberry and Hazel Nut Muesli (11 half cup portions)

Ingredients: 3x cup raw Jungle Oats 1x cup bran (I’ve used High Fiber Bran) 1x packet hazel nuts (100g) ¾ cup dried cranberries To be enjoyed with low/skim milk or plain yoghurt. Calories: 215 (per portion, excludes milk/yoghurt)

Hot Oats

½ cup raw jungle oats 1 cup boiled kettle water 1 tsp honey Cinnamon sprinkle Calories = 207 calories Method: Place ½ cup oats into a bowl, add to it the cup of kettle water.  Leave to soak for 5 mins.  Pop your bowl into the microwave on high for 1 min, then leave to …

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