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Oct 04

Sesame Chicken Slaw (2 portions)


Ingredients: 2x chicken breast fillets (120g each) 1x tbsp. peanut oil 2x tbsp. white sesame seeds 1x large carrot, grated 1x mini green cabbage, shredded 1x fresh lime 2x tsp. honey Salt and pepper to taste Calories: 325 (per portion) Method: Heat your peanut oil in a frying pan over a medium to high temperature. …

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Feb 12

Basil Chicken (1 portion)

basil chicken

Ingredients: 1x tsp. sunflower oil 1x chicken breast fillet (approximately 100g), cut into strips 1x garlic clove, freshly minced 2x tsp. ginger, freshly minced ½ tsp. dried red chili (optional) 1x cup fresh basil leaves 1x cup mung-bean sprouts 1x cup button mushrooms, sliced 1x tbsp. soya sauce 1x bundle Chinese noodles (I’ve used white …

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Oct 05

Chicken and Tzatziki (2 portions)


Ingredients: 2x chicken breast fillet (approximately 125g each) 1x tbsp. sunflower oil 1x tsp. mixed dried herbs Salt to taste Cut your chicken breast into stir-fry strips, then heat your oil over a medium to high temperature and stir-fry for 5-10mins – until the chicken has cooked through. Salt to taste Tazatziki: 1x cup double …

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Aug 17

Chinese Style Chicken Stir Fry (2 portions)


Ingredients: 2x sliced chicken breast fillets (200g in total) 2x tsp. sunflower oil 1x tsp. freshly grated ginger 1x freshly minced garlic clove 1x sliced red chili (optional) 2x medium size carrots, sliced thinly on the cross 1x small bunch spinach, stalked removed and finely chopped (approximately 4 cups) 1x packet enoki mushrooms (200g) 1x …

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Jan 25

Quick and Easy Chicken Green Curry (4 portions)


Ingredients: 4x chicken breast fillets (500g) 2x tsp. sunflower oil 1x packet baby corn 1x packet mange tout or sugar snaps 1x cup jasmine rice, uncooked Homemade green Thai sauce ingredients: Blend the following ingredients together: 1x tin coconut milk, reduced fat 1x packet fresh coriander 1x tbsp. lemon juice 1x tbsp. fish sauce 3x …

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