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Oct 11

Cashew-nut Chicken Salad (1 portion)

chicken cashew nut

Ingredients: 90g chicken breast fillet, cut into strips 2x tsp. peanut oil ½ tsp. ginger powder ¼ tsp. garlic flakes Pinch of salt (to taste) 1x cup sugar snap peas 2x cup mixed lettuce leaves ¼ green pepper, sliced 2x spring onions, diced 1x tbsp. cashew nuts (25g, preferably unsalted) Optional extra: ¼ tsp. chili …

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Nov 17

Lemon Pepper Chicken Stir-Fry (2 portions)


Ingredients: 250g chicken breast strips 1x tbsp. macadamia nut oil 2x garlic cloves, minces 2x fresh chilies, finely chopped 1x tsp. fresh ginger, minced 1x tbsp. freshly milled black pepper 1x lemon wedge, freshly squeezed 100g baby spinach 10x asparagus spears, diced 1x medium yellow pepper, sliced long-ways 1x tbsp. mango chutney ½ cup jasmine …

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Nov 14

Sour Creamed Chicken (2 portions)


Ingredients: 300g chicken stir-fry strips 2x tsp. sunflower oil 2x garlic clove, minced 1x tbsp. dehydrated onion flakes 1x packet white button mushrooms, sliced (250g) 4x medium courgettes, grated 2x cups broccoli 1x tub sour cream (250g) Salt and pepper to taste Calories: 542 per portion Method: Heat a frying pan over a medium temperature, …

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Nov 09

Sesame Chicken Stir Fry (2 portions)


Ingredients: 300g extra lean chicken breast, sliced 2x tsp. sunflower oil 2x garlic cloves, minced 1x tsp. fresh ginger, minced 2x chilies 1x tbsp. honey 1x red onion, finely diced 1x packet white button mushrooms, sliced (250g) 2x carrots, grated 1x cup mixed sprouts 1x yellow pepper, sliced 3x cups spinach, shredded 1x tbsp. sesame …

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Nov 02

Chicken, Water Biscuits with Toppings (1 portion)


Ingredients: 1x small grilled chicken thigh, skin removed (approximately 90g) 6x water biscuits 6x tsp. hummus 6x slices tomato 6x slices cucumber Salt and pepper to taste Calories: 279 Homemade humus: 1x canned chickpeas, drained 2x garlic cloves, minced 4x tbsp. lemon juice 2x tbsp. olive oil 1x tsp. paprika Salt to taste Method: place …

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