Tag: celery

Pea, Spinach and White Onion Soup (8 portions)

Ingredients: 500g split peas 250g fresh baby spinach leaves 2x cups finely chopped white onions 2x cups chopped celery 2x tsp. freshly minced garlic 1x tbsp. salt 1x tsp. white pepper 2x tbsp. knob of butter 1.5l boiling water 4x tbsp. sour cream lite Optional extras: Woolworths crispy onion flakes, fresh chuck of bread Calories: …

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Chicken Waldorf Pasta Salad (2 portions)

Ingredients: 2x cups whole wheat pasta, cooked 1x small smoked chicken breast, diced (100g) ½ cup raw celery, diced ½ cup red apple, diced ¼ cup walnuts, roughly crushed 2x tbsp. lite mayonnaise Calories: 433 per portion

Eggs, Cottage Cheese, Celery Snack (1 portion)

Ingredients: 1x cup celery stalks ½ tub fat free chunky cottage cheese 2x boiled eggs Salt and pepper to taste Calories: 248

Mashed Pilchards on English Muffin (1 portion)

Ingredients: ½ tin pilchards in hot sauce, mashed (80g) 1x English muffin, toasted ¼ red pepper, sliced ½ cup cucumber, sliced ½ cup celery sticks Calories: 265

Smashed Avo English Muffin with Smoked Chicken (1 portion)

Ingredients: 90g smoked chicken breast, sliced 1x English muffin, toasted ½ avocado pear, mashed 1x tomato, sliced 1x cup celery Salt and pepper to taste Calories: 460