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Avocado Salad (1 portion)

Ingredients: 1 cup butter lettuce 1 cup crisp lettuce 1 medium carrot, grated 1 small tomato, sliced ½ mini cucumber, sliced ¼ avocado-pears (30g) 1x tbsp. homemade dressing Salad Dressing Mix equal parts olive oil and brown spirit vinegar. Add wholegrain mustard and dried herbs to flavour Mix well Calories: 190 (includes dressing)

Avocado and Mixed Pepper Salad (1 portion)

Ingredients: 2x cups butter lettuce ½ cup cherry tomatoes, halved ½ yellow pepper, diced 3x sweet pepper-dews, thinly sliced 1x small avocado pear, sliced Salad dressing: 1x tbsp. lemon juice 1x tsp. mustard seeds 1x tsp. olive oil 1x pinch salt and pepper Calories: 410 (includes dressing)