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Garlic Butter Prawns (2 portions)

Ingredients: 20x fresh, cleaned and deveined uncooked prawns (I’ve used Woolworths brand) 2x tsp. freshly minced garlic ¼ cup melted butter 1x tbsp. freshly squeezed lemon juice 1x cup cooked basmati rice 3x freshly grated courgettes 200g mixed salad greens 1x tbsp. balsamic vinegar Calories: 436 per portion Method: Heat your oven to 180?C. Cook …

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Durban-style Beef Curry (2 portions)

Ingredients: ½ cup basmati rice 1x tsp. turmeric 250g extra lean beef cubes 1x onion, diced 2x garlic cloves, minced 2x heaped tbsp. Raj curry powder 1x tsp. cumin powder 1x tsp. coriander powder 1x tsp. cinnamon powder 2x fresh green chilies, finely chopped 1x tinned tomato 1x large potato, diced 4x carrots, sliced 2x …

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Soya and Honey Basted Salmon with Egg (un)Fried Rice (2 portions)

Ingredients: 2x salmon fillets (100g each) ½ cup basmati rice (raw = 1 cup cooked) 2x eggs, scrambled 1x corn on the cob, cooked, then stripped Salmon basting: 2x tbsp. soya sauce 1x tbsp. honey Calories: 370 per portion Method: Heat a coffee cup in the microwave, then add your honey and soya sauce and …

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