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Prawn, Basil and Mango Salad (2 portions)

Ingredients:   200g peeled and deveined prawn meat 1x tsp. olive oil 1x tsp. unsalted butter 1x tsp. dried chili flakes 1x tsp. ginger powder 1x garlic clove, minced 1x packet bean sprouts (50g) 1x cup basil leaves, chopped (20g) 2x spring onions, chopped 1x mango, peeled and sliced (2 cups) 50g rice noodle Salt …

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Basil Chicken (1 portion)

Ingredients: 1x tsp. sunflower oil 1x chicken breast fillet (approximately 100g), cut into strips 1x garlic clove, freshly minced 2x tsp. ginger, freshly minced ½ tsp. dried red chili (optional) 1x cup fresh basil leaves 1x cup mung-bean sprouts 1x cup button mushrooms, sliced 1x tbsp. soya sauce 1x bundle Chinese noodles (I’ve used white …

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Pesto Potatoes (4 side portions)

Ingredients: 20x new potatoes, quartered with skin on – approximately 400g 1x cup frozen peas 2x cups fresh basil leaf 1x garlic clove, freshly minced 2x tbsp. extra virgin olive oil 1x tbsp. lemon juice 1x tbsp. sunflower seeds 1x tsp. salt Calories: 210 per portion Method: Boil your quartered new potatoes until tender – …

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Italian Style Meatballs with Polenta (2 portions)

Ingredients: 250g extra lean beef minced meat ½ cup Jungle oats 1x tbsp. soya sauce 1x tbsp. dehydrate onion flakes 2x garlic cloves, minces 1x large egg, beaten 1x tinned Italian tomatoes 4x tbsp. fresh basil, finely chopped Salt to taste ¼ cup dry polenta 2x boiling water Calories: 440 per portion Method: Italian style …

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Caprese Salad (1 portion)

50g mozzarella cheese, cubed ½ cup cherry tomatoes, halved 2x tbsp. fresh basil, finally chopped 5x green pimento stuffed olives 1x tsp. olive oil Salt to taste Calories: 158