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The Wedding

I now pronounce you Mr and Mrs Michal Kaczmarczyk (28 August 2004) ….

From the time I got engaged to the actual wedding day itself I only managed to loose about 10 kg’s, which was barely noticeable against the 40kg’s I had put on to begin with.  Still, I was happy and I couldn’t have asked for more.  I was in love, surrounded by the people that meant the most to me and I honestly did feel like a true princess.  I was starting a new chapter in my life, and although my weight loss was barely noticeable, things were looking up.  A positive attitude is an extremely powerful tool.

After a few short months as a married woman, I could really start to notice the difference in my clothes and soon enough my entire wardrobe needed replacement which let me tell you, is an incredible thing to see unfold in front of your eyes.  This wasn’t a dream, I had really done it!  I began receiving compliments, not only from people I knew but from others I didn’t even recognize (at gym) and it felt good. Everything in my life was seemingly improving.  My relationship with Michal, the way people reacted to me at work or in a social situation.  Maybe it was because I was a much happier person or more confident, either which way, things definitely improved.

In 2006 Michal was offered a promotion at work, so we relocated to Johannesburg.  At first I was a little apprehensive, but I knew Michal deserved this and he had been there for me in the past so it was my turn to step up to the plate.  Within a few short weeks, we had packed up our lives, said our good-byes and became resident Jo’burgers.

Although a little nervous and stressed, we were extremely excited about the future.  Mike eased into his new role and I slowly found my feet in a very different working environment than I had been used to which would usually have me running back into the arms of comfort, yip, you guested it, food!  I’d like to admit the one and only reason I didn’t, was because inside I was no longer that chubby fat girl and had concurred my habit once and for all, alas, the reason I hadn’t was because I was office bound.  Mike needed our one and only car for work and without the use of a vehicle and no immediate facilities around (cafeteria or supermarket) meant there were no temptations.  What I had brought to work for lunch was all I had to eat from eight in the morning until after five when Michal came to fetch me.  Excellent method of food control I might add, although not always the healthy choice.  I realized quickly that I needed to bring enough food (and the right kinds) with me otherwise I would go hungry.

My routine had been shook up.  Our lives were completely different to what we were used to in Durban.  We had to wake up extra early to get ourselves to work on time, taking into consideration the unpredictable traffic.  There was no more gym as I had no car, and most of our evenings where spend out and about meeting new people or exploring our new city.  Johannesburg is truly a city that never sleeps.  I have never seen socializing and after hours networking like I have here, especially in the industry Mike was apart of – the music industry.  It was all rather exciting, energizing and addictive.  I was hooked on late nights, alcohol, garage pies and a few hours sleep.

The morning rush before work had me often skipping breakfast.  I was still eating very healthily during working hours and I had lost so much weight already, I cut myself some slack when I had the occasional take out and justified the alcohol as “work”.  Even with these cheats, I somehow managed to lose a further 8kg’s our first year living in Johannesburg.  I had not only lost the 40kg’s I gained my first few years out of school, I was looking the best I ever have in my life.