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Feb 13

Zucchini and Mushroom Spaghetti (1 portion)


Ingredients: 50g spaghetti (raw) 2x zucchini’s, grated (about 2 cups) 1x cup sliced button mushrooms 1x tbsp. olive oil 1x large garlic clove, minced ½ tsp. mixed Italian dried herbs Salt to taste Calories: 340 Method: Cook your spaghetti according to packet instructions. Heat your olive oil in a pan together with your garlic. Toss …

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Sep 26

Rice Salad (4 portions)

barley salad

Ingredients: 1x cup brown and wild rice OR barley rice 1x large butternut, cubed (approximately 3 cups) 1x packet cherry tomatoes (250g) 1x packet white button mushrooms, sliced (250g) 2x tbsp. extra virgin olive oil 1x tbsp. cumin seeds 1x tsp. garlic flakes 1x tsp. salt 1x packet fresh coriander, stalks removed OR, 2x cups …

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Feb 04

Pesto Potatoes (4 side portions)

pesto potatoes

Ingredients: 20x new potatoes, quartered with skin on – approximately 400g 1x cup frozen peas 2x cups fresh basil leaf 1x garlic clove, freshly minced 2x tbsp. extra virgin olive oil 1x tbsp. lemon juice 1x tbsp. sunflower seeds 1x tsp. salt Calories: 210 per portion Method: Boil your quartered new potatoes until tender – …

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Jan 24

Rosemary and Garlic Roast Potatoes (3 side portions)

roasted potato

Ingredients: 500g new potatoes, halved (leave skin on) 1x whole garlic bulb, cloves separated (leave skin on) 1x handful fresh rosemary 1x tbsp. dehydrated onion flakes 4x tbsp. sunflower oil Calories: 330 per portion Method: Pre-heat your oven to 180°C. Cover a baking tray with tinfoil, and then evenly spread your potatoes and garlic cloves. …

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Oct 13

Lentil and Spinach Stir-fry (2 portions)

lentil and spinach stir fry

Ingredients: 4x cups fresh spinach, shredded 2x large courgettes/baby marrows, grated 2x garlic cloves, minced 2x fresh chilies, chopped 1x packet brown mushrooms, sliced (250g) 1x tbsp. dehydrated onion flakes 1x tinned lentils, drained 1x tsp. macadamia nut oil Salt to taste Calories: 272 per portion Method: Take a large frying pan and heat your …

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