Category: Salads

Thai-style Beef Salad (2 portions)

Ingredients: 300g extra lean beef strips 1x tbsp. peanut oil 4x cups crisp lettuce, shredded 1x carrot, grated 1x cup cucumber, sliced 1x tomato, sliced Dressing: 2x tbsp. peanut oil 2x tbsp. lime juice 1x garlic clove, minced 1x tsp. dried red chili Calories: 360 per portion (includes dressing) Method: Heat the peanut oil in …

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Bacon, Rocket and Mango Salad (1 portion)

Ingredients: 4x rashers extra lean back bacon (baked in the oven until golden brown) 1x cup/small mango, sliced into strips 1x handful fresh rocket leaves, roughly chopped 2x cup mixed salad greens, roughly chopped ¼ red onion, sliced into rings 4x cherry tomatoes Calories: 268

Bean and Corn Salad (4 side portions)

Ingredients: 1x tinned red kidney beans, drained and rinsed 1x tinned corn, drained and rinsed 2x tbsp. picked jalapenos 2x tbsp. freshly chopped coriander 100g crumbled Danish feta ½ red onion, sliced into rings Calories: 230 per portion

Prawn and Avo Ritz (4 starter portion)

Ingredients: 1x packet peeled and cooked prawns (300g in total) 1x avocado pear, thinly sliced 1x packet alfalfa sprouts (1 cup) 1x Cos lettuce Pink Sauce: mix the following together 4x tbsp. mayonnaise 1x tbsp. tomato sauce Optional extras: 1x tsp mixed herbs Black pepper Calories: 230 per portion Method: Separate the Cos lettuce into …

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Greek Salad (1 portion)

Ingredients: 1x cup mixed greens, shredded ½ small green pepper, roughly diced 2x large vine ripened tomatoes, quartered ¼ small red onion, sliced into thin rings 7x kalamata olives ½ disc feta cheese 2x tsp. olive oil 2x tsp. vinegar Calories: 290