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Aug 21

The Good and Bad about Fat


Forget everything you have been told about low-fat diet and trust me when I say cutting fat, especially ‘good’ fat from your diet will work against your waistline. It’s true; ‘bad’ fat does lead to weight gain, cholesterol issues and increased risk of heart disease, but ‘good’ fat has the opposite effect in the body. …

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Jul 18

Fructose Toxicity (I really can’t emphasise how bad excess sugar is for you)!


One of the main reasons I have lost weight and managed to keep it off is because I have given sugar the preverbal chop! Why? Well, while it might taste heavenly momentarily, science has shown that sugar is taking a devastating toll on health. The problem is sugar (more specifically fructose) is loaded in just …

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Feb 10

Can certain foods boost your sex drive?


While some people believe this to be true, there are no scientific studies on the matter. That been said, I believe a healthy sex drive/life depends and relies on good nutrition. So what am I talking about exactly? Well in a nutshell, too have a healthy sex life you require: 1. good nerve function 2. …

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Jan 30

The Whole Wheat Hoax

whole wheat bread

By Jim Healthy on 07/22/2011 Is whole wheat bread more healthy than white bread? The vast majority of shoppers — including those with a high “health IQ” — think so. And that’s just what food marketers want you to believe. But the truth may knock you for a loop. You see, many “whole wheat” products …

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Jan 27

Turn meals into health foods with herbs and spices


Holly Leber, Chattanooga Times Free Press, Tenn. Chattanooga Times/Free Press, Tenn. 10-8-11 Aug. 10–Herbs and spices add flavour to an everyday diet, and they can have health benefits as well. “When you think about it, a lot of pharmacology started off in extractions from plants,” said Patricia Partain, registered dietician with Memorial Hospital. “Even though …

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