Category: Breakfast ideas

Rice Cakes with Avo and Turkey

Ingredients: 4x Smart Choice gluten/wheat free rice cakes 4x lean turkey slices 1x small avocado Method: Either mash or slice your avo and top it onto your rice cakes. You can either snack on the turkey slices as you go along, or add it as part of your topping. Approximately 368 calories

Eggs and Grapefruit

Ingredients: 2x hard boiled eggs ½ ruby grapefruit Approximate calories: 192

Extra Lean Ham and Tomato Toast

Ingredients: 2x Low GI seeded toast 4x slice extra lean ham 1x sliced tomato Optional extra: 1 pat of butter for each slice of toast Approximate calories: 340 (excludes butter) Substitutions: • If you are wheat/gluten intolerant, swap the toast for rice cakes (Smart Choice, available at Pick ‘n Pay) • For a vegetarian friendly …

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Hot Oats

½ cup raw jungle oats 1 cup boiled kettle water 1 tsp honey Cinnamon sprinkle Calories = 207 calories Method: Place ½ cup oats into a bowl, add to it the cup of kettle water.  Leave to soak for 5 mins.  Pop your bowl into the microwave on high for 1 min, then leave to …

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Cheap and Cheerful Muesli – half the price with less than half the sugar

Ingredients: 2x cups raw jungle oats 1x cup high fibre bran or all bran flakes 1x cup safari seedless raisins 1x cup flaked almonds ½ cup sunflower seeds Total calorie count: 2813 calories (11 portions) Single portion = 256 calories (1/2 cup) Add to it one of the following: ½ cup 2% milk =  approximately …

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