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Name: Michelle Kaczmarczyk
Date registered: September 27, 2011


Hello everyone *waves*, my name is Michelle and I’m a food aholic! For the most part I’m a happy kinda gal. I love being a wife and a mother to my furr-kids. I absolutely love cooking and spending time in the kitchen and pretty much everything else that goes with being a girl from make-up to fashion and dressing up, going dancing and gossiping with my girlfriends, the works! Of course I love watching movies and series and listening to MUSIC too (mostly alternative although I’m branching out a bit more theses days, must be mellowing in my older age). Like a lot of people out there, I’ve had my issues with weight gain even from an early age, which I will go into a bit more detail in my future blogs. I’ve put on, the lost, then put back on, and I’m not talking about the odd few kilograms we come back from holiday with, I’m talking about excessive gains and losses. But that been said, I think I’ve finally gotten my whole head around leading a balanced lifestyle. I say balanced because I’m not perfect, I still enjoy a glass of wine and eating out, but I keep it all within moderation and for once I don’t feel guilty, and way more in control of my own actions. Anyways, the whole reason I started this blogging business is because of a photo album I created on Facebook called “Food 101”. Basically it contains pictures of my daily meals, which I originally started doing to keep myself in check with whatever I was putting in my mouth (was going with the accountability factor). Long story short, just about all my friends responded positively and have been pushing me (in a good way) to get something off the ground in order to help others by sharing my story. So here I am, giving it a go ….. ENJOY!

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Jul 18

Fructose Toxicity (I really can’t emphasise how bad excess sugar is for you)!


One of the main reasons I have lost weight and managed to keep it off is because I have given sugar the preverbal chop! Why? Well, while it might taste heavenly momentarily, science has shown that sugar is taking a devastating toll on health. The problem is sugar (more specifically fructose) is loaded in just …

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Jul 17



Jul 17

Mashed Gem Squash with Black Pepper Crusted Chicken and Red Pepper Salsa (1 portion)


Ingredients: 1x gem squash 1x chicken breast fillet (100g) ¼ cup diced cherry tomatoes (approximately 4 tomatoes) ¼ cup diced cucumber ¼ cup diced red pepper 1x tbsp. mixed black pepper, chilli and garlic flakes 1x tsp. extra virgin olive oil 1x tsp. balsamic vinegar Calories: 328 Method: Using a mallet (or hammer if you …

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May 10

Venison Cottage Pie (4 portions)

IMG01020-20120509-1907 (2)

Ingredients: 500g venison mince 1x tbsp. sunflower oil 2x garlic cloves, minced 1x birds eye chili, finely sliced 1x tbsp. dehydrated onion flakes 1x cup frozen peas 1x large carrot, grated 1x tin peeled and diced tomatoes 80g raw polenta (approximately ¾ cup) ½ cup gouda cheese, grated Calories: 440 per portion Method: Pre-heat your …

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May 09

Sweet Stuffed Red Bell Peppers (2 portions)


Ingredients: 150g extra lean beef mince 3x sweet red bell peppers 1x red chili 1x fresh tomato 1x small red onion 1x large garlic clove ½ cup ricotta cheese ½ cup grated gouda cheese Calories: 540 per portion Method: Pre-heat your oven to 180?C. In a blender, blitz the onion, chili, tomato and garlic together …

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