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Please feel free to ask me questions, I am always keen to hear what others are doing and if you are trying one of my recipes I would love to provide you guidence.

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  • ronnie kisten
    (Wednesday, Apr 30. 2014 12:07 PM)
    1. Has Jungle Oats contain sugar
    2. is it more beneficial if cooked or just soaked in boiling water for 5min
  • Jax
    (Friday, May 4. 2012 10:41 AM)
    Hey 🙂 OMG your blog is going to be my new addiction. i just wanted to ask if these where the foods you were eating when you lost all your weight? along with excersize of course! ?
    Yeah these are the kinda of foods I ate (and still currently eat) when I lost all that weight, in a nut shell, lots of lean protein, fresh veggies and the right kinds of carbs.
  • Carey Lewis
    (Monday, Nov 14. 2011 12:02 PM)
    LOVE LOVE LOVE This!!! You have done an amazing job! Love the fact that its easy recipes and the food looks good too! Given me inspiration to shed those boisterous kilos! Thank you xxxx
    My pleasure Carey *hugs*
  • Michal
    (Tuesday, Oct 25. 2011 06:36 PM)
    So proud of you babe, wow, I can’t believe your dedication and willpower. You are an inspiration. My amazing wife. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox
    thanks my love, you are my inspiration xxx
  • Carina lom
    (Tuesday, Oct 11. 2011 03:48 PM)
    Hi! It’s me! Great blog! Love it! Tell me something – how many calories should one consume in a day? I’m also getting desperate now, you’ve inspired me, thanks!
    on average a female should consume a min. of 1200 calories per day, but if you are exercising you need a bit more. I aim for 1400-1500 on exercise days and 1200-1300 on my resting days.
  • Barrulus
    (Thursday, Oct 6. 2011 01:20 PM)
    Do you have any suggestions about shopping cleverly? I mean we always end up wasting unused food 🙁
    whenever I have food that’s about to spoil, I make soup which you can then freeze.
  • Michele
    (Thursday, Sep 29. 2011 01:12 PM)
    My friend this is amazing…so inspiring and I am so proud of you !! you are the most strong willed person and I just know things are always going to be getting better for you. Well done Michie !! love you long time xx
    thanks my friendie, I love you long time too 🙂



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