Rice Paper wraps stuffed with Pork (4 portions)

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300g pork mince

2x tbsp. sunflower oil

1x large white onion, diced

2x large baby marrows, grated (approximately 2 cups)

1x mini green cabbage, shredded (approximately 4 cups)

2x tsp. ginger powder

1x large garlic clove, minced

12x rice paper wraps


Dipping sauce:

1x tbsp. sugar and salt free peanut butter

1x tbsp. honey

2x tbsp. soya sauce

Optional extra, dried chili flakes


Calories: 335 (includes dipping sauce) per portion




Heat your oil in a pot, then toss in your diced onion, ginger powder and garlic.  Once the onions have softened (approximately 5mins) add your pork mince and brown for another 5-8mins.  Stir in your grated baby marrow and shredded green cabbage, then place a lid on your pot and reduce heat.


For your dipping sauce, heat your peanut butter and honey in a suitable microwave bowl on a low temperature for 30 seconds (you might need to repeat this depending on your devices power watt).  Remove, then whisk in your soya sauce until your sauce is smooth.


Soften your rice paper wraps by dipping them into warm water, then move them across to their plate, spoon in your pork mixture and fold the ends like you would a present.  Flip over, and coat with dipping sauce.