Tuna Steaks (2 portions)

photo (6) Ingredients:

Fish / marinade:
4x tbsp. plum sauce
1x tbsp. low sodium soya sauce
1x tsp. honey
1x tsp. olive oil
1x tsp. dried chili flakes
¼ tsp. dried ginger powder
2x 120g fresh tuna steaks

Side dish:
12x small new potatoes
1x tbsp. butter
2x tbsp. fresh chives, diced
1x garlic clove, minced

Calories: 300 (per portion)


Prepare your marinade by whisking the plum sauce, soya sauce, honey, olive oil, dried chili and ginger together.

Place your tuna steaks in the marinade and refrigerate overnight. If you are not able to do this, marinade the fish for as long as possible (minimum 20mins).

Prepare your side dish before cooking the fish.

Simply halve the new potatoes and boil in some salted water until they are al dente – approximately 5-8mins. Drain the potatoes, reduce the heat and melt the butter together with the fresh garlic and chives. Add the cooked potatoes and stir until everything is coated.

Now time to cook the fish.

Brush off the excess marinade from your fish and “dry fry” your steaks over a preheated frying pan (high temperature). You literally only need to cook the fish 2-3mins per side, so don’t go anywhere during this process.

Plate and serve immediately.