Venison Tortilla’s – my take on a Quesadilla (2 portions)

2x whole wheat or multigrain tortilla’s
200g venison minced meat
1x large garlic clove
1x small red onion
1x tbsp. sunflower oil
1x tbsp. tomato puree
1x small cup grated gouda cheese
1x avocado
4x tbsp. double cream Greek yoghurt
2x cups shredded lettuce
1x pickled gherkin
2x fresh tomatoes, diced

Optional extra: freshly sliced birds eye chilies

Calories: approximately 675 per portion


Pre-heat your oven to 100?C.

Your venison mix:

Heat your sunflower oil over a medium heat and add your garlic, red onion and venison mince – salt to taste. Cook the meat through until it is brown (approximately 10-15mins) then add your tomato puree and a splash of hot water. Remove from heat.

Place the first tortilla on an oven proof flat dish, and evenly spread your venison mix then sprinkle the gouda cheese, lastly place the second tortilla and cover with a plate and place in the oven to allow the cheese to melt for 25mins.

Your toppings:

Shred your lettuce, slice your gherkin and dice your tomatoes

Mash your avocado in a bowl together with a squeeze of lemon juice (which will keep the avo from turning brown) and salt to taste


Take your ‘quesadilla’ out the oven and cut into quarters. Sprinkle the lettuce first, then dollop a tbsp. of your avo mix per quarter, followed by the Greek yoghurt, tomatoes and lastly the sliced gherkin