Minted Vegetable Curry (2 portions)


2x garlic cloves, freshly minced
1x green chili, chopped
2x heaped tbsp. curry powder (I’ve used Rajah mild)
1x pinch cinnamon
2x tsp. cumin seeds
3x tbsp. freshly chopped mint
8-10x fresh curry leaves
1x cup butternut, cubed
1x large sweet potato, cubed (leave skin on)
1x tinned tomato
1x tinned mixed beans
1x cup hot water
Salt to taste
Curry condiment: 4x tbsp. Greek yoghurt (double cream) mixed together with ½ cup diced cucumber

Calories: 491 (per portion, includes curry condiment)


Heat your cooking pot over and medium/hot temperature, then toss together your curry power, cinnamon and cumin seeds and dry heat for about 1-2mins before removing and setting to one side.

Using the same pot, heat your tinned tomatoes, garlic, chili, heated spices and curry leaves. Once you’ve reached boiling point, reduce your heat to low, and cook your curry sauce for 30mins (lid on).

Remove lid, add your cubed butternut, sweet potato, hot water and salt. Cook for a further 15-20mins, until your butternut and sweet potato start to soften.

Lastly add your tinned beans and fresh mint and cook for 10mins before serving.

While I’ve given cooking times above, I do believe the longer the cooking process, the more deep set the flavours become. A curry very often tastes better on the second day, so if you have the time, it’s best to prepare the sauce a day or two before (cooking it on a low temperature for a hour of hours), otherwise cook in bulk and enjoy the curry later in the week.