Steak, Mushrooms and Avo (1 portion)


120g rump steak
125g white button mushrooms, sliced (half a packet)
½ small avocado, sliced
Salt to taste
Optional extra: Tabasco pepper sauce

Calories: 310


Heat your frying pan on a high temperature (dry) for about 5mins before adding your steak to the pan, then reduce the heat to a medium temperature. Time of cooking will depend on the thickness of your cut and how you like your steak. I like mine medium rare, so I cooked mine for 3mins per side. Once you have sealed the first side, turned your meat, salt the sealed side, then toss in your mushrooms while your second side is cooking. Once cooked, remove excess fat from your steak, plate along side your mushrooms with the avo and tabasco on top. Enjoy!