Soya and Honey Basted Salmon with Egg (un)Fried Rice (2 portions)


2x salmon fillets (100g each)
½ cup basmati rice (raw = 1 cup cooked)
2x eggs, scrambled
1x corn on the cob, cooked, then stripped

Salmon basting:
2x tbsp. soya sauce
1x tbsp. honey

Calories: 370 per portion


Heat a coffee cup in the microwave, then add your honey and soya sauce and beat together (the heated mug allows the honey to become more liquid-like and easier to mix). Use this basting to coat your salmon fillet well, then place the fish onto a baking tray and into a pre-heated oven (180°C). Cook for approximately 10mins per side.

Cook your rice according to packet instructions. While your rice is cooking, scramble your eggs and cook your corn on the cob – I microwave my eggs, and steam the corn. Once your rice is ready, toss all three ingredients together to heat through. Plate and serve!