Chicken Livers with Polenta (2 portions)


250g chicken livers
2x tsp. sunflower oil
2x garlic cloves, minced
2x fresh chilies, finely chopped
1x tbsp. dehydrated onion flakes
4x cups raw spinach
1x tinned tomatoes
½ cup polenta
2x cups hot water
Salt to taste

Calories: 513 per portion


Heat a frying pan over a medium temperature and add your oil. Once the oil is hot, ensure it has spread across your pan evenly before adding your chicken livers. Cook the livers for approximately 2-3mins per side, and then add your tomato, garlic, chilies, onion flakes, spinach and cook for 5-10mins. Salt to taste.

Cook polenta according to packet instructions – it’s usually 1 part polenta to 4 parts water (i.e. ½ cup polenta to 2 cups hot water).