Baked Potato with Tuna, Apple and Sambles (1 portion)


1x medium sized potato, baked
1x small tin tuna fish in brine (95g)
1x apple, grated
1x tbsp. lite mayonnaise
1x small tomato, diced
2x spring onions, sliced
½ cup cucumber diced

Calories: 380


Although I don’t advocate cooking in a microwave, the few times I eat baked potato I usually use my microwave.

Firstly pierce your potato several times with a fork or a knife and cover with paper towel. It takes about 3-5mins per side in my microwave – but it may take you less/longer depending on the size of your potato and the power of your microwave. Remove from microwave, leaving the toweling on and the potato to rest for about 2-3mins.

In a bowl, mix together your apple, tuna a mayo (this is a great combo, don’t be afraid to try it). In another bowl mix together your tomato, cucumber and spring onion.

Remove the toweling from your potato, slice it open (I like to mash mine a little), then spoon over your tuna mix then your samble mix.