Oct 04

You want to change, but have no clue where to start?

• Ask yourself “why do I want to lose weight?” and find your motivation. Motivation is the key to keeping you focused and will see you through those darker days

• Set realistic goals. You can always set new ones once you’ve reach your first. This way you’re working toward something attainable, rather than aiming too high too soon with that finish line way out of site. This will keep you focused and motivate you as well

• If you are currently leading an unhealthy lifestyle, changing your habits and taste buds will be somewhat of a task, but it CAN be done. Be ready for the challenge up ahead, think of it as training your pallet to enjoy what it always has before it got polluted

• Be patient – Rome wasn’t built in a day, it might take a while before you see results, but if you persevere you will see results

• Drink more than 8 glasses of water a day. Water is an essential nutrient for our bodies. It cleanses our system, keeps our kidneys and bowls functioning, keeps skin glowing and helps control our weight. If you are not using the bathroom to urinate more than four times a day, there is a problem

• Limiting your liquid intake is hugely beneficial to weight loss, things like caffeinated drinks, alcohol (unfortunate, but true), fizzy drinks and fruit juices are extremely high in sugar and empty calories. Don’t be afraid to drink some good old fashioned water, use a lemon slice if it’s too boring for you . Of course there are loads of herbal tea’s on the market that are not only calorie free but loaded with anti-oxidants so give them a try

• Plan ahead! This is possible the most important and I will even go as far to say that you can save cash if you plan ahead. If you pack your fridge with healthy food, you will be less tempted to eat unhealthily. If you really hate the kitchen, set aside one day to cook, and then freeze your portions making it easier to cope during your working week. This way you can still have that heat and eat easy lifestyle you have become accustomed to, just without the added sodium, fat and all those other nasty ingredients that make you fat

• Give up refined sugar and booze! If done in excess, these substances are bad for just about every part of your body. I can promise you, you won’t be sorry saying good bye after you see how quickly you drop weight with it out of your diet

• Get active (between the sheets if nothing else) – it will release endorphins, keep you motivated and speed up your metabolism. If you have a friend who also wants to lose weight, get them involved. Having a buddy not only provides you with support, they also encourage you to stay focused and moving forward – it’s like having your very own AA food sponsor. If you are not comfortable working out at a gym, find other ways to get your blood flowing – walk a dog, go shopping in high heels, housework, gardening, washing your own car, really there are no excuses why you can’t get a little exercise in

• Cook smart – all meals should be prepared with minimal added fat and salt for that matter as it can raised blood pressure; rather use herbs and spices for additional flavouring. Try methods like grilling or baking; cooking in a bag or tinfoil, poaching or steaming (which is my favourite way to cook fish). I know cooking is not for everyone, but you will save a lot of money by eating in rather than out.

• Remember, if you fall off the wagon, it’s not the end of the world, but don’t throw in the towel, pick yourself up and start again. “I’ll start again on Monday” should no longer be part of your vocab

• I have long believed in the aid of a food diary when it comes to weight loss. Having to write down what you eat not only makes you more aware of what you are putting into your mouth, it makes you accountable – your very own back up system. There are many free services on the internet so don’t be afraid to use one

• Just take it one day at a time, and I promise you, you will be working towards being a happier and healthier person