Veg ‘n Dip


½ small avocado, mashed
2x tbsp. fat free cottage cheese (chunky or smooth, approximately 80g)
½ yellow pepper, sliced into strips
½ cup cucumber, sliced
1x tomato, sliced
1x Rakusens matzo bread

Calories: 324

Dip mix:

Mash your avo in a bowl and add the cottage cheese and mix well to create your dip, salt and pepper to taste. If you are pre-making your dip, to avoid it turning brown, add a small squeeze of lemon (juice or a fresh wedge).

This dip is great with raw veggies. I’ve gone with tomato, cucumber and yellow pepper here, but you could add celery, carrots, green beans, mange tout, baby corn, broccoli … literally the list is endless.