Eat to Lose!

If you want to become slim and healthier, however fear the dreaded crankiness that follows with dieting, then snacking is your way forward. I know it may seem like eating every 2 hours could lead to weight gain (I certainly thought that myself), however there is a positive benefit to snacking healthily throughout the day – this keeps your metabolism active and actually helps burn more fat.

There is absolutely no need to starve or feel deprived when dieting, in fact if you decided to suddenly reduce your calorie intake, your body is likely to think you’re going into starvation mode and will protect itself by lowering your metabolic rate, which in turn causes you to store more food as fat. This is the complete opposite of what we are trying to achieve when losing weight while building muscle. The truth is, you need to keep your calorie intake up so you have energy (food = energy); if your body receives the fuel it needs it won’t go into starvation mode or break down muscle tissue as a source for energy. The trick here is to avoid refined or processed foods, and rather fuel your body with fresh produce.

Snacking is a great way of introducing a wide variety of foods into your daily diet and you stand a much better chance of giving your body everything it needs. If you are prone to binge eating, snacking is the perfect way to keeps hunger pains at bay as well. It’s all about preparation here, so make sure you keep snacks readily available at all times (in your office draw, handbag, cubbyhole – especially if you are on the road for work, etc.). Some of my favourite options are raw veggies, rice cakes, raw nuts/seeds, pots of yoghurt, fresh or dried fruit. Keep your body satisfied by eating small meals frequently, and you’ll be less likely to eat when bored or buy unnecessary items when grocery shopping, which lets face it, we all do.

In a sum, you are less likely to overeat/indulge if you snack throughout the day, while keeping your metabolic rate up, keep hunger pains under control and ultimately working your way to losing weight … so get snacking today!