Chicken Pancakes

Pancake mix: (4 pancakes)

½ cup cake flour
¾ cup fat free milk
1x egg, beaten
1x pinch salt
1x tsp. vegetable oil

Filling ingredients:

1x packet Woolworths wafer thin roast chicken (125g)
1x packet rocket (40g), finely chopped
1x tbsp. freshly chopped mint
6x pepper dews, thinly sliced
¼ whole cucumber, grated
1x tbsp. Nando’s Perinaise or normal mayonnaise if you prefer

Calories: 161 (per pancake, includes fillings)


In a mixing bowl, sift your flour, and add your milk, egg, oil and salt and whisk until your pancake mix is smooth. Your mixture should not be thick – if it is add more milk or water. Place your mixture in the fridge, allow cooling for about 20mins.

Heat your frying pan over a medium temperature and ladle half a small cup of pancake mixture into the pan – spreading it thinly and evenly by swiveling the pan. The pancakes should take about 2mins per side to cook through.

Once your pancakes are cooked, add your filling ingredients evenly over the entire pancake. I start with buttering the pancake with the Nando’s Perinaise, and then sprinkle the rocket and mint. After that, layer the shaved chicken, then cucumber and pepper dews last to avoid the pancake getting soggy. Role the pancake together and cut in half.