Carrot Ribbon Salad (3-4 side portions)

2x pinch of salt
4x large carrots
1x small packet green beans (approximately 100g)
2x small handful walnuts (approximately 30g)
1x cup cherry tomatoes
1x tbsp. honey
1x tsp. butter
Optional extra: sesame seeds

Calories: 515 in total (171 calories per portion of 3)

In a pot, bring some water and a pinch of salt to the boil. Add your green beans and cook for approximately 5mins, until al dente. Strain your beans and put to one side.
Wash your carrots; thereafter using a potato peeler, slice long ways to form your carrot ribbons which you need to blanch in boiling water for approximately 2-3mins. Strain your carrots and place into a bowl. Whilst hot, spoon your honey and butter over the carrots allowing them to melt. Add your green beans, halved cherry tomatoes and walnuts to the mix and serve immediately.