Oct 05

As requested: ‘FAT PIC’s’ (2000 – 2005)



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  1. Barrulus

    Looking at the past shows me how far you have come. You have done incredible things Michelle!

    Your pure determination and commitment to achieving your goal has me in absolute awe…

    Muchos love


    1. Michelle

      Aw thanks dude! I have come along way, so I’m proud about that! Muchos love right back at ya *hugs*

  2. Nicle

    WOW Michelle – you truly are an inspiration and I am so grateful and poud to know you. Thank you for sharing your story and these pictures – you have done amazing things and are capable of changing peoples lives – go get ’em kid!!!

    1. Michelle

      If I can help or spare someone going the same weight gain I’ve been through, I’m all in! Glad you’re enjoying it, and I’m proud to know you too my friend! You’ve come a long way yourself and are looking hawt! See you in the morning for gym YES YES!

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